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The Volcafe Gallery of farms, co-ops, mills and exporters from around the globe highlights the finest in coffee production available anywhere.

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Featured Arrival

Uganda GR A2 Rwenzori

Presenting you this week our featured cup is our Uganda GR A2 Rwenzori  washed Arabica. This jewel is known for its notes of sherry, currant, raisin, mulling spice, subtle raspberry, light cucumber, medium acid, full bodied, rich mouthfeel, sweet and complex.  Produced at high altitude on the fertile slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains, where coffee has been part of people’s lives for the past century, this is regarded as some of the best coffee in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa.

Region:   Rwenzori, Western Uganda
Altitude: 1200 – 2200m.a.s.l.
Processing Type: Hand picked, washed and sorted by hand
Variety: Nyasaland & Bugisu since 1920 (30%) more recent introductions since the 1960’s: SL14 & 28
Harvest Date: August – December

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