Dear Producer / Exporter,

We are finding a growing interest from the marketplace in learning about our origin partners and the coffee you produce.If you’re a small producer, an Estate or a Cooperative, please tell us about yourselves, your product, your vision and your goals as we build a unique data base for high quality coffee around the globe.

We would like to have all the tools to pass along your individual story in order to build and improve longterm relationships and commercial channels.

The following are excerpts from our Mission Statement:

VOLCAFE Specialty Coffee is dedicated to sourcing and promoting the production of High Quality single origin coffees from Smallholders, Cooperatives and Estates worldwide.

Our goal is to connect our customers with our producers via open communication channels and social as well as economic involvement, in order to guarantee a long-term and sustainable relationship between Producer – Exporter – Importer – Roaster AND Consumer.

To achieve our goals successfully, we need your assistance in filling out the attached Origin Spec Sheet form OR downloaded PDF. Your information is intended not only to promote your coffee with our buyers, but also to give us the tools and knowledge necessary to sell it well:

One of the components of this sheet is also dedicated to existing or future social projects. It is very important for us, and prospective buyers, to have a clear knowledge of the social and environmental needs that can be addressed with our Origin Partners as we search for some of the best coffees we can find, and do it sustainably.

Thank you very much in advance and we look forward to meeting you soon.

VOLCAFE Specialty Coffee